civil law


We offer advice on Divorce, Separation, Co-habitation and Civil Partnerships as each area involves a relationship breakdown. Whatever the reason for your relationship breakdown advice should be sought as soon as possible.


Marriage breakdown raises increasingly complex issues. We provide clear, common sense advice in a sensitive and professional manner. We are acutely aware that absolute discretion is required.

We always attempt to resolve disputes on behalf of our clients without the recourse of reverting to the courts, by means of negotiation. We are conscious that the cost of resolving our client’s problems is of concern to them. We try and find the most cost effective solution available.

Where litigation is appropriate and necessary we are able to offer representation backed up with considerable practical experience in Sheriff Courts locally and in the Court of Session. We have on-going relationships with leading family law advocates and we regularly instruct other necessary professional services, such as valuers, accountants and independent financial advisers, to assist in resolving our client’s disputes.


Where spouses, civil partners or co-habitees separate any number of legal issues arise in disentangling their affairs. It is necessary to seek our advice without delay so that your decisions in such circumstances are well thought out and based on sound advice.

We are experienced in resolving the issues which arise in such situation and negotiating the terms of the Separation Agreement. On occasion some clients may require immediate urgent advice on such things as interim financial support or the protection of the court from abusive behaviour. We can help. We are able to advise and take urgent action where necessary and appropriate.

Occasionally we are consulted prior to separation for advice. We provide discreet, clear and practical advice. In many cases we suggest mediation or other types of counselling. Often just knowing the correct legal position is enough to be reassuring


Unmarried couples who reside together are known as co-habitees. The Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006 confers a range of rights and obligations on cohabitees, including those of the same sex who have not entered into a Civil Partnership.

Where co-habitees separate certain financial claims may arise depending on the circumstances in each case. Due to this area of the law still developing the options on separation can be legally complex.

We offer straightforward advice to achieve a practical and affordable solution for our clients.

Civil Partnerships:

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 introduced a new form of legal relationship for same sex partners who choose to register a Civil Partnership. That legal relationship has similar rights and obligations to a marriage. Similarly, in the course of the breakdown of a relationship the same issues have to be resolved. We always try to resolve all the issues arising as amicably as possible, by negotiation in the hope of avoiding court action to the satisfaction of our clients.

Mediation and Collaboration:

These are both forms of dispute resolution following the breakdown of a relationship. Where appropriate we are able to refer our clients to mediation through C.A.L.M (Comprehensive Accredited Lawyer Mediation) or an accredited member of Consensus, the collaborative lawyers association.