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Approachable & Professional

We understand that consulting a solicitor can be quite daunting or may cause anxiety. This may be because you are unfamiliar with instructing a solicitor or the issue you have is of considerable concern to you. We will always endeavour to make the experience of instructing us as straightforward as possible, even if the issue does not turn out to be the same.

You may not know the right thing to do or you might be worried the issue you have is trivial. The answer is that if you have something concerning you or you then do not know the right thing to do you should contact us for advice. If you are lucky it will be trivial and easily resolved.

Our aim is to be professional, approachable and to provide clear advice in straightforward language for our clients.

Mactaggart Solicitors

Castlehill, Campbeltown, Argyll, PA28 6AR
telephone (01586) 552317 fax (01586) 554719

Mactaggart Property

For property queries, please telephone or send email.

Mactaggart Law is the trading name of C. & D. Mactaggart who are regulated and licenced to conduct Incidental Investment Business by the Law Society of Scotland.