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Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural leasing are all complex and require an in depth knowledge of this area of the law. Our advice will make it as clear and understandable as possible for you. We see it as our job to explain things to you in everyday language, not to confuse you with legal terms.

We are willing to travel to see you. This gives us a better picture of your needs. We are as happy discussing your legal requirements at your home or in your business, as in our office.

Agricultural tenancies give rise to complex legal issues. In our experience few tenant or landlord farmers go out looking for a dispute but when one arises you need to take advice, as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide a cost effective solution to your problems. The Agricultural Holdings Legislation is complicated and difficult to navigate. We will explain all aspects of the law and how it applies to you, so you are equipped to make an informed decision for yourself.

We can provide advice and practical support for your needs whether in rent reviews, Partnerships, creation of SLDT’s, LDT’s or grazing lets.

We advise our clients on all types of Commercial Leases. Typically, we advise on the leasing of shops, restaurants, industrial units and offices for both landlords and tenants. We advise our clients from the initial negotiations through to the outgo at the termination of the lease and all of the steps in between.

Domestic Leasing is the most common type of leasing instruction received by us. We act for landlords predominantly but also for individual tenants. The local authority and housing associations have taken a more pro-active stance in raising eviction proceedings against their tenants. If you are in danger of being evicted and losing your home you should contact us without delay. Often there is a defence to such actions or, at least we can negotiate on your behalf so that you quit your home at a time more convenient for you.