criminal court work

Sherriff Court Summary Procedure

This is the most common type of case heard in the courts of Scotland.

The Judge is known as a Sheriff. In summary criminal cases there is no jury and the Sheriff decides whether the accused is guilty or not guilty, after hearing the evidence.

At summary level the court will deal with offences the sentence for which may include imprisonment or a substantial fine amongst others, such as Community Payback Orders.

The maximum penalty that may be imposed in summary cases is 12 months imprisonment or a £5,000 fine. In certain circumstances the sentence can be more severe. If yours is such a case we will explain the sentencing parameters to you clearly and how and why they apply.

Legal Aid is usually made available in Sheriff Court Summary Cases subject to financial eligibility.

We provide regular representation in the following Sheriff Courts:

  • Campbeltown
  • Oban
  • Dunoon
  • Dumbarton

We can appear elsewhere, if instructed to do so.