The Practice

Our Services as Solicitors

We offer a wide range of legal services locally under one roof that an individual might need during their lifetime. Our legal advice is combined with local knowledge and a willingness to advise our clients in a clear and concise manner. We want our clients to have the information they need to make informed decisions.

We provide representation in the Sheriff Court locally in both civil and criminal cases. Our solicitors provide agency services to other solicitors in both Civil and Criminal cases.

HM Connect

We are members of the HM Connect network which adds breadth and depth to our ability to offer our clients advice on issues which do not arise everyday or may be of a specialist nature. This gives our clients the benefit of accessing specialist advice quickly, but locally. This service can be from obtaining a quick piece of advice on a specialist issue in a transaction to a full referral.

What we do we strive to do well. We know that as a three partner firm we cannot do everything. What we can always do is find the best person to refer our clients to when required.

Our Solicitors

Christian E. Kane, Partner : Email

Stephen MacSporran, Partner : Email

Keren V. Mitchell, Partner : Email

Our History

Our firm was established by 1815 as C.&D. Mactaggart, prior to that each solicitor was known as a writer and acted on their own account. In turn, each Partner assumed has provided a service to the community in which they live. We have always been a firm serving the local community, some of whom have travelled far and wide but who still see fit to retain our services, and many of whom have become friends.

We hope to continue our service to the community and retain its confidence in us both now and in the future.