private client

Introduction : For Private Clients

We provide a wide range of services and advice to help you protect and manage your property and assets for the benefit of you and your family.

We believe that, for all of us, it is important and necessary to plan for and against life’s vagaries – death, incapacity and, of course, taxation. Taking reliable and careful professional advice allows you to plan how such things are managed when they happen. Everyone should have a Will and a Power of Attorney. Having planned ahead makes dealing with some of life’s difficult situations much easier for your family. Doing so shows you have carefully considered your family in advance. The benefits are usually that it is much less costly, time consuming and worrying for them in trying to resolve your affairs, when you are no longer there or are unable to do so.

For those clients with significant property and assets care home costs can be an issue. The legal framework in Scotland allows local authorities to actively pursue your assets to recover the cost of care home costs. We provide advice on the best way to set up your affairs to give you a chance to avoid incurring these costs.